City of Kamloops Social Plan

The goal of this plan is to enhance the well-being of Kamloops residents.

Access Kamloops

Connects Kamloops residents with a wide variety of non-profit organizations.

Designed by:

“Revolutionizing the response to individuals with limited resources, limited income and limited options.”


The Changing the Face of Poverty group in Kamloops, BC, is a network of community and faith based organizations, individuals, and businesses working collectively to coordinate, connect, and create resources and solutions related to the issue of poverty in Kamloops.




To work together to create one strong voice
To develop creative solutions for poverty related challenges
To link groups that provide services and supports
To build partnerships to create long term solutions
To Increase access to safe, affordable housing
To develop additional emergency housing
To raise awareness about poverty issues
To expand the current network of partnerships
To engage partners in solution based action planning
To develop funding supports through partnerships and collaboration
To liaison with community decision makers on strategies to reduce poverty




What does absolute homeless mean?

Sleeping in spaces unintended for living - 25%
Living in temporary accomodations - 50%
Having housing that is unaffordable - 25%

Total votes: 4
The voting for this poll has ended on: 08 Jul 2010 - 20:20